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Tile Adheisve


Floor Leveling

Palace Multi-Flex Tile Adhesive

Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive - Grey/White

  • Rapid setting high early strength

  • Fixes vitrified & natural stone tiles

  • For fixing to heated sub-floors

  • High Early strength

  • For use on 15mm plywood overlay

      Multi Flex Application video!

20kg Single Bag - £13.40+vat    

Palace Gyp-Bond Tile Adhesive

Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive 

  • Fixes direct to Anhydrite & Gypsum without pre-sealing the surface

  • Fast Setting – Walk on & grout after 3 hours

  • Suitable for Ceramic, Porcelain & Natural stone tiles

  • Can be used with sub-floor heating systems Fixes tiles with a bed depth from 3mm up to 12mm

  • Suitable for fixing onto gypsum-based walls & floors

      Gyp-Bond Application video!

20kg Single Bag - £17.76+vat    

Palace Easi-Flex Tile Adhesive

Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive 

  • 4 hour working time

  • White & Grey

  • Ideal for mosaics & light marble

  • Initial set after 16 hours

  • Excellent Non-Slip for wall tile fixing

      Easi-Flex Application video!

20kg Single Bag - £12.35+vat    

Self-Level-1 (1).png

Palace Fast-Flex Floor Levelling Compound

20kg Single Bag - £17.05+vat    

Fast, Flexible floor levelling compound - Grey

  • Excellent levelling & flow to give a super-smooth finish

  • High early strength takes foot traffic after 3 hours

  • Can be laid from 2mm up to a 30mm bed depth

  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating systems

  • Single-Part, protein free formula for pump application

  • Fix tiles after 4 hours & floor- coverings after 24 hours.

      Fast-Flex Application video!

Palace Self-Level Levelling Compound

20kg Single Bag - £9.50+vat    

Fast floor levelling compound - Grey

  • Evens out uneven tamped concrete

  • Fast setting – sets in 3 hours

  • Highly flowable smooth finish underlayment

  • Suitable for up to 12mm depth screed in a single pour

  • Can be enhanced with FLOOR SCREED LATEX


Palace Gyp-Level Levelling Compound

Gypsum Screed levelling compound

  • Has a working flow time of 30 to 40 minutes at 20’C

  • Can be laid directly to existing anhydrite sub-floors

  • Can be laid from 3mm up to 20mm bed depth in a single pour

  • Suitable for applications where sub-floor heating is to be installed

  • Suitable for pump or trowel application

  • Can receive tiles directly when applied using PALACE GYP-BOND adhesive.

       Gyp-Level Application video!

20kg Single Bag - £16.99+vat    


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