Disposable PEVA Gown, With thumb Loop.

















Our Gown is available worldwide and has a 1/2 day lead time in the UK from payment. We offer world wide delivery and can offer bulk discount on large orders. Our Gown is also Blood, Water and Microbe resistant meaning that it is resistant to Coronavirus (Covid-19)


This gown is made to NHS Spec which provides protection to an approved standard. Our Gown is 36MU thickness. This provides durable security that doesn't tear and is very efficient at keeping to hygiene standards.


This product is a full sleeve PEVA material that includes full sleeve protection, thumb loops for added protection and partial back coverage as seen in the images below.

Fully certified and certifications available on request.
-This product is suitable for tasks with hygiene rules, food processing, dispensing, education, healthcare and medial use as it's main purpose.
-EU DOC certified
-PPE Regulated (EU)


We are trusted PPE suppliers of local councils and authorities in South Wales! This includes the South Wales Police, Carmarthenshire County Council and Swansea County Council.



£0.95+VAT each, for orders below 10,000

£0.85+VAT each, for orders above 10,000

£0.70+VAT each, for orders above 100,000

  • 100 Units per box

  • 36 MU minimum

  • Blood, water & Microbe resistant

  • World wide delivery available

  • 1-2 day UK lead time

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